Parking at the reach

We have reserved parking spots for you just outside the Hub for both long-term and short-term parking.

Garage Underground
up to 1 hour free of charge
half day
(to/from 13:00)
CZK 65 CZK 79
one day CZK 99 CZK 120
one month CZK 1 150 CZK 1 392

Prices apply to members of Impact Hub.

How it works


Outdoor parking is intended for everybody who comes to the Hub by car. Underground parking is protected by gate which can be opened automatically only for cars registered in our system.


You share the outside parking space with all Hub members, event clients and their guests. In case you have paid and there is no space left, let us know and we will give you a parking spot in the underground.


One-month parking fee is charged the same way as member fee. Daily parking can be paid at once or it can be included in a different order (e.g. rent of the room).

Are you our member or guest and looking for more information?

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