Kick-Start your project

Throughout the year we organize 5 acceleration programmes that will help you find the right direction. You will gain a support of mentors, valuable contacts and an opportunity to grow multiply faster.

60+ experienced

40+ proffesional




and benefits

100-Day Challenge

Logo 100-Day Challenge
750 Kč / měsíc (s DPH)
  • For both starting and established businesses without limits
  • Programme lasts for 100 days and has 3 parts
  • You receive support of an experienced mentor and a team of experts
  • You set desired goals and work on their fulfilment on your own
  • You speed up your growth and overpass any dead ends

Impact First

Logo Impact First
  • Suitable for non-profit organisations and social enterprises
  • Thanks to Impact First you can be both beneficial and successful
  • Programme lasts approximately 5 months
  • You receive support of an experienced mentor, consultants and experts
  • The winner receives up to 50 000 CZK for further development

Social Impact Award

Logo Social Impact Award
  • Program for everyone from 15 to 30 years old
  • For projects with social or environmental impact
  • You receive support from an experienced mentor, consultants and experts
  • International accelerator that can connect you with the world
  • Winners receive 2 000 EUR for project launch
  • This programme is English friendly

Tieto Nerds

Logo Tieto Nerds
  • Suitable for specifically targeted technologies
  • We mediate leadership from the field experts
  • Intensive acceleration runs for 2 months
  • Accelerator and workshops take place in Ostrava
  • Participants can obtain further support

Laboratoř Nadace Vodafone

Logo Laboratoř Nadace Vodafone
  • A programme dedicated to technological innovations
  • We accept projects with positive impact
  • You receive support of an experienced mentor and consultants
  • The program lasts approximately 6 months
  • The winner receives a donation of up to 350 000 CZK


projects are being accelerated towards the sky every year in the Hub


mentors and consultants provide projects with their experience and know-how